Friday, 20 January 2012

Another live show... more info re. buying the album

The Red Inspectors are proud to be playing Bedford Esquires on February 4th 2012. It's a venue that some of us know well from the old days. Pimlico played there a number of times in the 90's, as did Mohair and also The Bluetones several times over the last few years. So we're no strangers to the place- and nor should you be either! There's a Facebook event page where you can find more details, and tickets can be bought in advance from here .

It's been mentioned that some people have had problems getting hold of the album from a couple of major online retailers. Well, it's been looked into and apparently it's something to do with making up numbers to order in bulk from the distributor (the middle-men between the record company and the shops). Amazon now have stocks of the CD (not many, it has to be said) and reckon they'll have the vinyl in sometime after the 26th. HMV now claim to be shipping the vinyl "within 1 to 2 weeks" though they do carry stock of the CD. The best place to be sure of getting the vinyl (which is very lovely both to look at and to listen to) is the Acid Jazz shop . They've got lots of special offers on at the moment- have a look! Their Ebay shop has the vinyl and the CD too.

Of course, you can always download it from iTunes too... but I doubt you'd settle for mere bits of data- you really want the physical product!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Where to buy The Red Inspectors album...

There have been a few enquiries as to the best place to buy a copy of Are We The Red Inspectors? Are We? The obvious answer to this is "your local independent record shop", but sadly these kind of places are few and far between these days. Nonetheless, if you're lucky enough to live near such a thing, drop in and place an order. If you do it this weekend, it ought to be there on the day of release, January 16th. Tell them it's out on Acid Jazz records, catalogue number AJX LP (or CD) 267.

If you no longer live near a record shop, or you live outside the UK, then there are a number of mail order options. Visit Heyday Mail Order , HMV's online store or . Amazon will also be stocking it, and it will also be available direct from Acid Jazz via their eBay shop.

If you do the whole digital download thing, then it will be available on iTunes. Just search on the Apple iTunes music store for Red Inspectors.

Don't forget, The Red Inspectors are playing live at London's Borderline on January 12th, and Bedford Esquires on February 4th.

Monday, 2 January 2012

London Gig-January 12th!

The Red Inspectors play their first London show at The Borderline London W1D 4JB on January 12th 2012 to promote their debut album Are We The Red Inspectors? Are We?.

"It's the album we always wanted to make, on the label we always wanted to be on", they say. 

Featuring Andy Lewis (Paul Weller/Spearmint) on bass, Alex Richards (The Bluetones/Mohair) on keyboards, Pete Twyman (Pimlico/Paul Weller) on guitar and Miles Chapman (Pimlico/Our Friends Electric) on drums it's a genre-defying post-modern mash of soundtrack vibes, acid funk and pub rock which sounds better than it, er, sounds. 

With support from Acid Jazz label-mates The Broken Vinyl Club. 

Tickets available from 

Pre-order their debut album from .

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sound clips...

Hello all, you can have a listen to some sound clips from the forthcoming album on SoundCloud . There you will hear some samples of tracks like "Monochrome Sunrise" and "Grand Union Carnival", to name but two.

Monday, 15 August 2011

The Red Inspectors happen to be...

Miles Chapman, Andy Lewis, Pete Twyman and Alex Richards. Between them they play drums, percussion, bass, guitar and a variety of keyboards, and occasionally sing.

An album called "Are We The Red Inspectors? Are We?" has been recorded and will be released shortly on Acid Jazz records.

More details coming soon.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Welcome from The Red Inspectors

This is where you'll be able to find out all about The Red Inspectors, a musical ensemble recording for Acid Jazz records. 

We are very happy that you've found us.

Our debut album "Are We The Red Inspectors? Are We?" will be available soon.

More information will follow.